About Us

We are One Little Tree who aimed to provide professional service to our customers. ​
About Us

Our Value​

One Little Tree Limited is an IT company just started at 2020. We mainly focus on Mobility, E-platform and Enterprise IT Solution. We provide the best solution to our customers.

In future, we would like to develop and enlarge our company to the APAC countries.

Desirable Appearance​

We deliver simple and concise web design.

Easy to Use Interface​

We provide concise and precise user interface. When you deploy your product, simply a few clicks can finish.

Approachable Partner​

We are easy to approach when you have any difficulty. Find us once you have any issue during the deployment.

How we work

IT Solutions and Consultation Service​

IT Solutions​

Provide system integration and security solution to enterprise.​


Optimize functionality and user experience for online shop

Cloud Technology​

Be capable to expand the resources quickly​

Experienced Team​

Employ 2 cats who are fat and annoying​